Lots of activity in SCUBA recently, and here's the photographic proof. 



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Last update: 5 August 2014



  • Please consider judging/stewarding at local competitions!


Upcoming Competitions:



Malt Madness - (Allentown, PA)

BJCP Competition hosted by Lehigh Valley Homebrewers

Dropoff: ends August 28 (500 cap)

Judging/Awards: September 13, 2014



Jersey City Brew Club Homebrew Competition - 4th Annual

BJCP competition - 75 entry cap ($5, 2 bottles) dropoff thru Sept 19, judging Sept 10.

People's Choice - your beer is served at Artoberfest and winner is selected by attendees. Up to 5 gallon keg or 2 cases required. Dropoff, Judging, and Awards: September 27, 2014



Uncorked And Uncapped Homebrew Comptition - Arc of Essex (Livingston, NJ)

Crowd favorite top 3 places receive award at wine, beer, food tasting fundraiser. 5 gallon keg or 2 cases required.

Registration: thru Septmeber 8, 2014

Dropoff, Judging, and Awards: September 18th, 2014




New England Regional Homebrew Competition - 9th Annual (Nashua, NH)


Registration: Sept 12 thru Oct 2, 2014 (450 cap)

Judging: Oct 18, 2014



SCUBA Club-Only Competitions



What It Is


All SCUBA members are invited to enter and/or judge in the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Club-Only Competitions.  Held approximately every other month, these competitions usually focus on one or more Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) beer/cider/mead styles.


Each homebrew club conducts its own judging round to select a club winner, which is then sent on to the national competition to compete against the other clubs’ entries.  Points are awarded to clubs for winning entries, and the winningest club receives the AHA Homebrew Club of the year at the National Homebrewers Conference in June.


Some judging sessions may be held at SCUBA meetings, and some may not, depending on deadlines and logistics.


See http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/competitions/club-only-competitions

for official rules, details, and schedule.


What You Get

  • Judges’ evaluation, comments, and scores on BJCP scoresheets

  • Experience brewing for and entering into competitions

  • The motivation to brew styles that you might otherwise never consider

  • The opportunity to build SCUBA as an actively brewing club

  • Major bragging rights for yourself and your club when you win

  • The chance to develop and refine your tasting/judging skills

What You Give

  • Three bottles (10 or more ounces each) of your brew (excess beer goes to club cooler)

  • $2.00 for shipping costs (excess fees go to club treasury)

  • Transportation of your brews to a dropoff location (if judging is not at a meeting)

  • Optionally - a couple of hours of your time if you choose to judge

Who Can Participate

  • SCUBA intends the COC to be useful for brewers and judges of all experience levels.  You are encouraged to participate whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned veteran

  • You are welcome to either enter or judge, or do both

  • You do not need to participate in every competition, just those you choose

  • You do not need to be a BCJP certified judge

How To Enter

  • Email Robert Giaquinta (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the BJCP category and subcategory (ie. 4B) of your entry (I’ll then send you the dropoff location details)

  • Using masking tape, mark each of your three (10 oz or more) bottles with your name and the BJCP category

  • Attach $5 entry fee to bottle with rubberband

  • Transport beer to dropoff location by deadline

Deadlines and Locations


April 2013: Extract Beers

Dropoff Deadline:  April Club Meeting

Dropoff Location:  NJHomebrew

Judging Date/Time:  April Club Meeting

Judging Location:  NJHomebrew


August 2013 - TBD

Sept/Oct 2013 - European Amber Lager

Nov/Dec 2013 - TBD

Jan/Feb 2014 - TBD

Mar/Apr 2014 - Strong Belgian Ale

May/Jun 2014- “All Things Porter”



You can find the list of winners and current club standings at:  http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/competitions/club-only-competitions/winners