Q:  Can I enter 22 oz. (or other non-standard) bottles?

A:  Starting with our 2017 competition, we will no longer accept any non-standard bottles.  A standard bottle is a brown 12-oz non-embossed crown-capped bottle with no identifiable markings on the bottle and the cap.

We require 12 oz bottles because we must sort, store, transport, and distribute over 700 bottles of beer, and it’s most manageable if they all fit into normal 12 oz case boxes.  During judging, we must accurately distribute bottles to over 20 pairs of judges simultaneously; it adds to the burden if different sized boxes must be gone through for a particular entry. 

We require non-identifiable bottles with crown caps (versus swing tops, corks, etc) in order to maintain the integrity of blind judging.  Additionally, different bottle types may encourage conscious and unconscious biases in judges.  We run a fair competition that attempts to conform to blind, objective judging as much as possible, so please respect our requirements.

For 2016, we do give some leeway!  Please contact the organizers for permission to enter non-standard bottle sizes.  HOWEVER, you ARE required to submit TWO bottles, regardless of size (12 or 22 oz), because one of the bottles is needed for the Best of Show round if the entry receives a gold medal in its category.


Q: My entry is marked unpaid, although I have paid through Paypal.  Should I send you a receipt or include one with my entries?

A: There is a quirk in the registration software that does not mark an entry "paid" in certain circumstances (ie. after editing the entry).  You can ignore this if your Paypal account shows that you have paid for your entries, and you DO NOT need to include a paper receipt (or any other paperwork other than a bottle label on each bottle) with your entries.  Furthermore, you can ignore the "unpaid" checkbox on your bottle labels. We check whether entries have been paid by looking at our Paypal account, and we will notify you if we don't find evidence of your payment.