Jersey Pride Logo 1New to the NJ State Fair Homebrew Competition

this year: 


The Jersey Pride Category!


If you have a beer/cider/mead that captures the essence of the Garden State, enter it into this battle for Jersey cred in this non-BJCP special category.  Maybe you’ve gathered all your ingredients from Sussex County, maybe the recipe is inspired by a Springsteen song, maybe there’s Taylor Ham in the secondary, maybe you’ve aged it in a Laird’s barrel... Anything goes – you don’t need to specify a typical beer style  or subcategory – but you DO need to describe the ingredients/techniques/history/concept that makes your brew particularly Jersey.  Entries will be judged on “Jersey Pride” (concept) “Execution” (how well the concept is expressed) and “Drinkability” (technique and overall enjoyment), and will not receive normal BJCP scores/scoresheets.  The winner will receive a special prize!



Jersey Pride Concept:  1-10 points

Execution: 1-10 points

Drinkability: 1-10 points

Awesome Name: 1-3 points



Judges will move their favorite entries to a mini-Best of Show round, where they will award the Gold Medal by consensus (not necessarily by score).  If the category has 12 or more entries, Silver and Bronze prizes may also be awarded.  A special Gold Medal Prize may be awarded (to be determined).


Jersey Pride Category Rules:

You MUST enter the brew’s Concept Information into the "Required Info" field in the registration software, which should provide details about why the beer is appropriate for the Jersey Pride category.

Choose the "Jersey Pride" category in the registration software.

Because this special category will not be judged according to BJCP rules, it will NOT be eligible for the competition’s Best of Show judging or award.

Two 12 ounce bottles are required, and all other applicable competition rules/deadlines/costs apply.  Brewers may submit multiple entries, and entries in this category may also be entered into regular BJCP categories.